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UMC Woes Deepen

Judge May Force UMC to Hire Special Master Secure Evidence in Suit Alleging Unpaid Overtime


CEO Brian Brannman Leaving UMC

Troubles Continue in Ukraine

Kiev warns of terrorism threat amid protests
Sunday, February 09, 2014 7:27 AM
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine’s security agency on Sunday warned of a heightened risk of terrorism, including from nearly three months of anti-government protests. The warning raised the pressure on the opposition as parliament tries to find a way out of the crisis.

Radicals a wild card in Ukraine’s protests

NYC Man Buried Alive by Snowplow

NYC Man Buried Alive by Snowplow

Vegas Valley

Vegas Valley
Launched on Sunday, 09 February 2014 at 5:33AM 09 February 2014
What is the Vegas Valley?
Vegas Valley is:
Las Vegas’ newest alternative weekly.  Covering voices of local, state, national and international news and events. Exploration of interesting, mainstream topics and exposes into journalism’s finest discoveries, fact finding and truths. Providing research questions and answers to some of life’s most simplest uncertainties. Covering subjects we can all benefit from and profit from. Venturing into the realms of social, economic, political and religious issues and soliciting diverse opinions and commentary.  Stirring up and studying a wide range of concerns close to us here in the Valley and across the land. Sometimes when we talk about local issues and problems we find they are not all local in nature, but quite common and troublesome nationally or even globally. We search for the solutions to our problems and one of the best ways to do that is like Lou, an Italian New Yorker who was for a brief time my boss in the car business, was fond of saying, “Two minds are always better than one.” At the Vegas Valley the meeting of minds from around the world can help us discuss, debate and defeat our problems and solve them by helping us create solutions.

Education is food for the mind. The more we learn the better we think. The better we think the better we are able to solve our problems and invent new technologies that enhance our future. The founder, publisher, editor, author, researcher and photographer of Vegas Valley is a one-man band that digs into a world of hidden treasures while researching and uncovering topics for writing projects at hand. One of the benefits of this publication will be sharing such findings, hopefully in an interesting manner.

This is not a catch-all publication, detailing every bit of local news and events, but rather an alternative publication that focuses on complimenting existing news sources with our own independent input.  Our contribution is intended to be as original as possible with our content being exclusive.  Many publications are hindered from reporting the truth and providing balanced media because most publications are supported by advertisement and that advertisement tends to be dominate over publication articles. In other words, a writer, editor or publication can’t be too critical and is indeed limited in fear of losing advertisement revenue by saying negative things about the advertiser–and that makes sense. Vegas Valley doesn’t have that problem because we are dependent on no one, being a truly independent news & events publication. Any advertisement seen on this site is not ours but the source providing the coverage, such as the Associated Press, YouTube or WordPress which pays for the services we use for free.

Hopefully, we’ll discuss topics that everyone can find something that interests them enough to participate in the Campfire Forum.

CVS to Stop Selling Cigarette Products Nationwide

CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products from Associated Press


Welcome to Vegas Valley, the newest alternative weekly in Las Vegas. Like the Vegas Valley used to be during it’s heyday construction boom that lasted for 20 plus years, making our community the fastest growing in the nation, this publication in under construction, too, and will take some time to iron out the dust particles from the environment. We hope the final result is a vibrant foundation of a worthwhile site rewarding your visit with Sin City-style pleasure. In the meantime familiarize yourself with the history of the Las Vegas Valley and tourism mega it is today. Vegas Valley

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