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In 2008 Sarah Palin Warned of Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Left and Right Continue to Squabble Over These 2008 Statements by Palin:

Palin Mocked In 2008 For Warning Putin May Invade Ukraine If Obama Elected

Palin: War with Russia? Perhaps So!

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Truth about Russian invasion [of Georgia] and why you should care!

2 Comments on “In 2008 Sarah Palin Warned of Russian Invasion of Ukraine”

  1. That was a fluke. I don’t believe she knew where Ukraine is located.

  2. I don’t agree with you, Gianfranco, but I do support your right to opinion.

    I think the mathematical odds of Sarah Palin accidentally and successfully sinking one ball on the political pool table without a seasoned billiard player’s skill might be a fluke, but when she runs the entire table, rack after rack, there it is no margin for error and only skilled and precise game play from experience and practice can accomplish such.

    Unfortunately the ones on the left and the right, who wage war on females that they hypocritically accuse others of doing fail to understand; seldom does one achieve political advancements and heights from small town politics to state governor and levels beyond with any lack of competence or intelligent.

    The odds of such a run–cleaning the table repeatedly–would probably be more than a zillion to one.

    In Hillary Clinton’s flawed terminology, “What difference does it make?” rather or not Palin knew precisely where Ukraine was on the map–and I believe she did because of the relativity and reference to Georgia–she did know the mindset of Vladamir Putin, the more important quality needed for a leader to understand and in order to chess play her opponent. She, as a leader, correctly predicted the opponent’s move prior to the play. And Putin is a phenomenal chess player no American leader during his (Putin’s) administration has been able to out skill, let alone encourage diplomatic relationship with.

    If Palin didn’t know the location of Ukraine, she could consult a world map or someone with knowledge of it. It’s less important to a good leader than the ability to know the intentions of an adversary so that you can counter, or checkmate him dead in his tracks.

    I admire your profile picture. The wolf is a good soul. Thanks for the participation, Gianfranco. I hope you visit and comment again.

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