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Is the Most Catastrophic Terror Attack in History About to Occur?


Boeing 777-200 (N7771) from Wikipedia Boeing 777

LAS VEGAS (Vegas Valley)–Two missing things may reappear with disastrous results: Flight MH370 and large amounts of stolen and missing radioactive material. No one has a clue where either are. I just gave you a clue where they possibly could be. I hope I am wrong and I pray the world never realizes the ultimate possibilities that are out there in the darkness of terrorism. But in today’s world I’m probably more right than wrong, unfortunately.

When flight MH370 went missing I had announced that I refused to speculate what happened to the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER passenger jet out of respect for the families who are yet experiencing traumatic suffering. For them there has been no repose. When Flight MH370 went dark from the midnight skies over the Indian Ocean, taking 239 passengers and crew members, the lives of their family and loved ones went dark too. However, during the past two weeks I listened to countless and endless news media coverage of the tragic event and can only shake my head in disgust with the American and the world news media.

The last time I expressed such shock was when I sat in my late stepfather’s home watching the evening news about the downed F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter by Serbian forces using a Soviet-made SA-3 Goa surface-to-air missile (SAM) on 27 March in the 1999 Serbia-Kosovo War. The news media reported the pilot was sending a distress signal that would help the efforts of NATO’s search and rescue mission recover the pilot. My stepfather and I looked at one another in shock and outrage that news media did in fact reveal the precise location of the shot-down pilot, telling the world where the signal was coming from. My stepfather, a 26-year front line combat veteran understood what happens when the enemy recovered American airmen and soldiers before the U.S. military (or NATO) did.

During the last two weeks every news channel under the sun has had a spectacle show about the vanishing of Flight MH370. 24 hours a day so-called experts sit and tell their fantasy wish what they believe happened to the aircraft that mysteriously disappeared. In one news segment reports claim the plane went 1500 miles East and another report it was said MH370 went the same distance West and then it went North and then it went South all on five hours of remaining fuel. The truth of the matter is, nobody knows where MH370 went and for two weeks nothing but hen-house gossip has filled the airwaves of every major newsroom.

The drama continues to unfold as one so-called (nutcase) expert after another reveals vivid detail of the aircraft’s functionality and its equipment along with radar and cell phone capabilities and disadvantages, the weaknesses and strength of various nation’s defense, radar, tracking and communications systems.

There’s a new player at the table, his name is Terrorism.
Missing Radioactive Material: 140 Cases Reported in 2013

Mexico: Stolen Cobalt-60 Radioactive Material Found, BUT…
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All but Lucifer has been accused of criminal and terrorist plots on MH370 from Pakistan to Taliban to the pilot and co-pilot to Iranians, North Koreans, Indians and all kinds of real possibilities, but all pure speculation.

Probably somewhere, someone is even blaming one of the poor little babies on board that fateful flight into the midnight skies of disastrous destiny. All of this without one shred of evidence or iota of proof.

It is pure ignorance. Ignorance at its core.

Lives may have and probably did perish yet the human race seems more interested with the marathon of drama than the contest of finding the solutions to the problem and how to prevent them from ever happening again. That’s a competition no one is talking about. It’s a competition no one seems to want to make.

The news media has been doing nothing but offering a free, crash course educating in Terrorism 101 for the world’s demonic souls willing to bring hell to our front door and the eve of destruction to our living room news. Free, as in free-for-all. Anyone with a will to kill mass people and have access to the tools of destruction can use them against society and way they want to.

Terrorists claim to duty granted by rights supposedly authorized by some barbaric religious god, Lucifer’s Disciples, willing to sacrifice innocent human lives, including precious little babies who have not yet witnessed the true joys of life. Maybe our punishment comes from the God Almighty Himself. Are we any different? Do we have any worthy characters left among us?

There is a time to be respectful and there is a time for dignity and integrity as there is for wisdom.
The ingredients of good character is sorely lacking in this new era, in the newsroom and in the living room.

The only thing produced by the microphone jockeys and bragging brass of disagreeing so-called experts who throw their opinions and wild speculation out into the guessing game like gambler’s tossing chips onto a green-felt poker table in a room full of smoke is noise and gas.

Most have not gone all in on their theory and gambled for the truly high-win stakes of being recognition as the prophet of the future, the one who accurately predicts the true fate of Flight MH370–a destiny to doom–a fate of gloom.

There are only two certainties about Flight MH370, that she crossed paths with some force of darkness in the wee hours of her fateful international flight and that the love ones of the 239 souls on board are still searching for their ebony eyes… and answers of what happened to them. Their tears will fill a sea deeper than the Indian Ocean.

The game at the table still has players betting they’ve got the best hand, a dealer and an audience. I’m wondering when one of them will go all in, and suggest the idea that Flight MH370 might have been encountered by a UFO from an extraterrestrial world. None of the players have yet suggested some craft from a mother ship may have lifted Flight MH370 out of earth’s atmosphere to take it to some distant destination for some kind of experiment on an extraterrestrial spaceship, maybe even a craft commanded by no other than E.T. That idea would let a plane vanish from the skies without a trace. Instead of looking down, we should have been looking up. Let the chips fall where they will. Somebody’s gotta lose and somebody’s gotta win. It makes no difference to the dealer, he gets paid all the same. Kidnapped by an alien spaceship. Now that’s an idea.

That and the most likely possibility of all… the missing radioactive material.

Two things missing, flight MH370 and some 140 cases of radioactive material that could spell an al-Qaeda nuclear device of mass destruction. Two missing, one reappearance of the two together would spell the most profound and catastrophic terror event in the history of mankind. And that’s no science fiction.

Al-Qaeda does not have a monopoly on terror and flight MH370 isn’t the only aircraft in the world of being capable of a delivery vehicle for such nuclear bombs that the missing radioactive material could produce. There may be no such planning of any terrorist attack using a Boeing 777 or any other aircraft, then again maybe the terrorists stayed up all night planning the perfect terrorist storm. We will never know until Malaysia Airline MH370 is found, in the ocean, on land somewhere or in terror from the sky. Until then, we can only speculate. But we can take measures to reduce terrorism and make our lives safer and one way to do that is to think like a terrorist.

A delivery system can be any aircraft. We now know transponders and tracking systems can be turned off manually by those who are flying the craft. Israel may have radar, but does the ocean she rests on? Or the Arab nations she borders? Would they care? Would their be any early warning? Reaction time isn’t very good. Seconds, minutes at the most. And that’s maybe. And if you blow a radioactive loaded jetliner out of the air nuclear terror will rain down on you like Armageddon. To be blown up a terrorists radioactive loaded aircraft in midair is actually what they want you to do. Checkmate. Game over. End Time.

Allah is great. The virgins are waiting.

Even radioactive material doesn’t need to be used. A plane like the missing Flight MH370 could be loaded with barrels fuel oil and fertilizer, or maybe the jet fuel in the wings could substitute the diesel fuel if sacks of fertilizer was on board. You can be sure the terrorist experimented with and tested a number of possible weapons of mass destruction.

The difference between al-Qaeda and their kind is unlike the mafia, they constantly change their strategy or adapt to new ones. It makes them hard to predict. Obviously if human evil had anything to do with missing MH370 we need to recognize we’re dealing with intelligent terrorists, rather the pilot was involved or not. And, it’s certainly unlikely he operated alone, if he even indeed is guilty.

One thing for certain, knowing what we do know, every airplane in the sky of the world is a potential weapon of mass destruction rather hijacked and commandeered or voluntarily flown by willing and capable pilots. If MH370 returns as a tool of mass destruction, every aircraft carrier and vessel on the sea, Israel, the United States, or its interests and allies, it’s troops and embassies, its passenger ships, every power grid, every “infidel” city in the world and every populated area is a potential target.

Flight MH370 may not be the only aircraft out there used to inflict mass destruction, or catastrophic events such as a nuclear flash on a power grid, if this plausible theory even remotely proves true, there may be dozens of them, or hundreds loaded with deadly materials that can be crashed into targets as large as the imagination.

If you have ever looked at aircraft flying patterns (Flight Radar [do a global view zoom-out] Frightening.) over the skies of any nation you quickly understand there is plenty of air traffic out there. More planes in the skies than flies, birds and bees. Or so it seems.

The three things every sizable city in the world has are the planes that can be used as weapons, the chemicals of mass destruction and the innocent people that could be targets of that mass destruction. No reaction time. Everything done on a swift local bounce. Boom. Bang. Pow! Just like that and the sun goes down. For good.

Boeing 777 passenger jets aren’t the only planes available. The Boeing 777 is also used by cargo carriers like UPS and others. A much easier aircraft to commandeer. And a plane used as a vehicle for weapons of mass destruction doesn’t have to be a Boeing 777, either. Any aircraft with large fuel capacity will do.

If an imminent terrorist attack is in development, the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may not even be used. Flight MH370 may have only been used as a test and simply sits waiting for the day of the dark beast’s awakening. We the hunters hunt for the decoy, the predator is stalking his prey. And the dark creature will strike when the hunter is on the opposite end of the globe.

That scenario would explain why no terrorist claimed credit to the events. It would also explain the lack of normal chatter after a successful terrorist strike as so-called experts claim would have occurred if terrorists did take the aircraft. MH370 may be only the appetizer to a much larger course of terrorism.

Terrorists have been testing our power grid for sometime while being rejected or largely ignored as a serious threat by most authorities. When the rains and inclement weather is coming those with the wisdom and knowledge of reading the signs has the foresight to know it’s coming. And just as clearly you know hell is coming to dinner. Unfortunately the table isn’t set and we aren’t ready for those who will crash our dinner party.

With large amounts of radioactive material, terrorists don’t need to make a bomb, a Boeing 777, or any aircraft, loaded with the stuff is the bomb.

The beast you worry about is not the one you hear, it’s the predatory you don’t hear.

If the media doesn’t stop it’s nonstop yapping and feeding terrorist with ideas, then you need to start thinking about the real possibilities that hell might be coming to dinner. Sooner than later.

Large amounts of radioactive material have disappeared globally. Mexico is one such area where radioactive material is missing. Mexico has planes. The claws of the beast is within reach.

Self Pic

Cliff Harrison

Mexico to the United States is only a nosedive away. Arrival time is just a matter of imagination and coordination. End of story.

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