Today’s Headlines: Las Vegas Ranks 9th in 10% increase in murders across the nation…

The Vegas Valley even beat Chicago, New York, LA and some 300 other medium to large cities in the USA for the increase of murders.

Crime is Rising

WordPress Tagging Is Being Compromised

Demons Cooking Somethin' Up.

Demons Cooking Somethin’ Up.

WordPress is under attack by some form of maliciousness. The tag reader page is sabotaged with malice and fake tags invasions. Somebody is loading a bunch of useless tags.

Fire in the Valley Reignited

The purpose of the video and its length is to show the world that Americans were not all born with silver spoons in their mouths nor live in gold mansions on the hills over looking valleys of green meadows, butterflies and rainbows and milk and honey. Nor is Vegas, the land of fame and fortune. We here in Vegas, that live on the wrong side of town, are probably more alike those of you who live in the four corners of the earth where poverty and despise is as abundant as grains of sand in a desert without oases, than not. We have the same frustrations, the same political discontent, the same dangers of loss of life with crime as high where 1 in 5 people can become a causality. We are not at war. We are at peace. No civil war rages through our community like many overseas, yet focus on survival is not only an everyday thing, but an hourly thing.

After an interruption with my photo sideshow because of an inferior and flawed WordPress platform system, I had to find other ways to route my photos. I attempted to route it through my Facebook photo page. That proved futile. The video came up, with the music but was black screened with no pictures. FB is an antiquated system and always has been. I refuse to be forced by communists abroad or at home. So that the world may know and fully understand, I know the true meaning of communism and force is an identical characteristic. I view anyone who forces someone to do something or suppresses someone to something is a communist. Now that we understand communistic problems, let us clarify one more thing. I’m not here to make friends. You won’t invite me to your backyard barbecue this weekend and I’m not going to invite you in for a sammy and cup of mud. Now that we have that out of the way, I can go ahead and finish my story. As a few of you know from the Devil Follows Me days, and my column on the Dark Prince, he continues to encircle me, more than any other soul on earth. But I’ll never surrender to that POS in a pig yard. Now, I can tell the rest of my story… until Lucifer decides it’s time for round 6 trillion, 6 hundred thousand and 6. Then we’ll be down again, until we figure out a way around his trap. Read the quote I wrote this morning. It’s down there, below, the way of the inferno.

Last week I started writing about crime in our neighborhood of which is rapidly escalating. In 2010, three Las Vegas neighborhoods were on the FBI’s top ten most dangerous neighborhoods of the top twenty-five. Vegas neighborhoods, from where your present company publishes deep inside his bunker, ranked 3rd, 4th and 8th on that list. Then we went off the map and for the most part Chicago and Detroit neighborhoods kept us off that crime map. As Kicking the Can Down the Road explains, I like to use visual art with my stories. I’ve done that since the very first story I wrote to publish when I was probably 9-years-old. WordPress doesn’t allow videos from your own computer to be loaded up to their blogging platform. They own it, I don’t. I couldn’t run the video through one of my current blogs within the Blogger’s system because they are enhances by AdSense commercial advertising which WordPress doesn’t like and prohibits in their Terms and Conditions. There for I exercised a legal way to get around technical BS and arrive at the same results, that could have been avoided if WP wasn’t so damn greedy and stubborn. I have nothing but good to say about WordPress and I’ve been with them for years in paid and non-paid blogging and website experiences. But the need to purchase and add plugins is a wee bit silly for a normal blog. Okay, enough ranting about WP substandard policies, unless I’m missing something and research shows I am not, it’s time to move on.

The links to the video and story that shows the visual graphics that go with the starting story, Fire in the Valley: The Poverty Among Us is ready, is below. Read the story and the watch the video, neither are strength upon their own, but support each other.

Wouldn’t it have been great if I didn’t need to go through all of this?… a simple video upload without need for a plugin and all that sort of stuff would have been REALLY NICE! I would have been done a week ago. Now I can get back to my stories… hopefully. Some of the timely events will be untimely by the time they get published, but that’s the way it is on this side of the tracks…

Fire in the Valley:The Poverty Among Us–the Story

Fire in the Valley:The Poverty Among Us–the Video

“The second mouse always gets the cheese…don’t fall into a trap. Learn your way around all traps and make yourself victorious.” ~ Cliff Harrison

Fire in the Valley: The Poverty Among Us

Photo Credit by Jill Gibbs

Photo Credit by Jill Gibbs

…and the world thought we Americans all lived in multimillion-dollar mansions. They imagine we live on hills overlooking the valleys of prosperous economies that belonged to us alone. That our homes were lined in silver and gold and our land stretches for as far as the eye could see to the nearest neighbor. Milk ponds abound swam by white swans and pink flamingos, and that we had two cars on each side of the driveway, his and her side. And, outside our doors and windows are the manicured lawns and gardens with dozens of immigrant labors landscaping our property to preserve our worth and status in society. That these imagined workers keep every blade of grass as groomed as the supposed hair upon our heads. Reality tells those who are outside looking in a very different story. Here is the reality…

Vegas is just as much an illusion as America herself is. The poverty here isn’t nearly as bad as it is on Pine Ridge. On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, home to Wounded Knee, the poverty is much worse. There’s higher unemployment and far more sorrow–but still, some of those among us aren’t far behind them, and in some cases they may even be a tad bit ahead. Poor is poor. Hungry is hungry. Homeless is homeless. Sad is sad. No matter what corner of the world one lives in, the destruction of life and property spells disaster and it hurts all the way to the bone. It ruins to the heart and the core of the soul.

The sorrow drips from the eyes of the citizens of the world, who dwell in such destitution, here, in America and abroad. Pain is pain. Misery is misery. Some adjust and some don’t. Some escape it and some never do. Poverty is nothing more than an attitude, yet some can not cope with the misery of it. Only the genius among the poor know how to adapt and adjust. When you live in a world where the loudest scream in never heard one can only do with what one has to do with. After one has lost everything, one can loose no more. But make do, one must. Only then can one make life grand. Grandness among the poor is something to behold. But it can be done. To become free of the shackles around the ankles and the steel collars around the neck one must desire liberation from suppression more than anything else in the Alley of Frustration. Freedom comes to those who persevere and prevail in a steadfast manner without ceasing a single moment, until the restraints of slavery are broken and the chains fall free.

Friday the 13th: THE SOLAR FLARE

A solar flare releasing shock waves. Click image for more details.

A solar flare releasing shock waves. Click image for more details.

The clock just struck midnight. It’s Friday the 13th in America. But relax the fear of the triple solar flare knocking down the power grid is remote. It would be physically impossible for the triple solar flare that departed from the sun hours ago to cripple the world’s complete power grid with its shock wave, at least on Friday the 13th as some humorous scientists and media reporters suggested.

The reason has less to do with physics and more to do with the relevancy of time. You see, in another three to four hours it’s already Saturday, the 14th in much of the world. In places like the +12 zones of Fakaofo, Apia, Nukualofa and the Chatham Islands. So if a power grid goes down, later today than earlier, it will be in he Western and Northern Hemispheres.

But what if it did or what if it does? Are you prepared?

What would you do if suddenly, all power perished like the blown-out flame of a flickering candle? You couldn’t cook inside. You couldn’t quench your Internet addiction. You couldn’t read your favorite novel at night. The electronic locks on hotel doors and millions of doors across America would immediately fail. What would you do? Could you survive?

If all power were lost lives would begin perishing at the moment of solar intrusion. Electrical apparatus would fail miserably. Hospitals may rely on backup generators but then they would run out of fuel and die out, too. Fuel would be unavailable because gasoline pumps are run by electricity. People would begin dying within the hour. There would be no cold storage to keep and preserve their bodies. Oh, you haven’t even begun to imagine what if.

I’ll leave you with your thoughts of imagination.

Your mind is only as sane as the world you live in. There is no Twilight Zone, just the Dead Zone. Armageddon came with the blink of the eye and hoofbeats of the four Great horses were thunderously loud. Global warming didn’t matter anymore. Superstitious or Trick or Treat. The hour has come, in America it’s Friday the 13th. Hurry up and get your blog post out while you have time. Now is now. Gone is gone. Get your cellphone ready for an all-time viral selfie with the solar flash of doom.

In a few hours, due East, or a long haul West people in another time zone won’t have to live… or die in the Dead Zone of the next 24 hours. Their hour has passed, unless of course they live in the outer limits of the earth’s time shadow in regions like +13, +14 and -11 and -10, there, at least for the next 3-4 hours (depending on how swiftly I can publish this) it’s only Thursday. In places like Adak, Baker Island, Alofi, Rarotonga, Papeete, Honolulu or even Anchorage, Fairbanks and all of Alaska in the U.S.A.

Y2K all over again. When a former boss asked me why I moved to Las Vegas I had told him because of Y2K. I’d watch the New Year’s celebration in Times Square, NYC like I always had, from TV. If the power all went out like it was predicted to, I’d have three hours to decide what to do. Three hours in End Time is like three centuries. If the East Coast went dark, the West Coast was doomed, too. Then I asked him, “Where will midnight strike first, in Russia or in the United States? And which intercontinental ballistic missile system will be disabled first and which will function perfectly well?” Y2K never happened. But what if….

Will the nightmare of all nightmares come screaming at your door, or will the scream come from within? Or will today pass like any other day, nothing out of the ordinary other than the daily bad news, but then, isn’t that ordinary?

Happy Friday, or Thursday… or Saturday, wherever you live in the world. Be safe. Be smart. Be prepared, just in case. Think. Rethink. And think again. That’s what survival is all about–planning your destination no matter what your environment; man, nature or spiritual, has in store for you.

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