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We Are Our Sister’s Keepers

We Are Our Sister’s Keepers
The wings of freedom have not been clipped, the energies of independence takes a mighty engine to put them in motion.

BBC World News Featuring Nina Ansary

Jewels of Allah by Nina Ansary

Jimmy Carter: Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse
America has to clean up it’s own act at the same time cleaning up the evils of the world…
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter gives a TED speech on abuses of women and girls globally.

Our Sister’s Keepers is a self-funded, privately-financed humanitarian organization. Global operations conduct missions liberating females endangered by evil forces and provide rescue, recovery and refuge missions worldwide in fusion with other humanitarian and human rights organizations.  Our Sister’s Keepers are among the voices condemning human rights violations against females, working to bring awareness and lead in legislation globally to end human rights violations against females. Our Sister’s Keepers is not a 501(c)(3) IRS governed organization nor is it affiliated with the talented global photographer Maria Plakos who brings awareness through photography for the same humanitarian and human rights issues concerning women and children. The Fundamental Guarantees of all human beings begin with their inalienable birthrights, yet many nations and societies fail to uphold those basic human rights for those born females. Our Sister’s Keepers stands to change that.