Today’s Headlines: Las Vegas Ranks 9th in 10% increase in murders across the nation…

The Vegas Valley even beat Chicago, New York, LA and some 300 other medium to large cities in the USA for the increase of murders.

Crime is Rising

Elon Musk Loses WordPress Post Shares

It is beyond time social media is punished for their tyranny. It is probably evident that Elon Musk will lose his entire $44 billion investment in Twitter. He has already lost more than half of it. He continues to anger the very people that helped Twitter prosper. Now he is choking his core users with his greed and insanity.

I have two recent alerts concerning social media, Twitter and Facebook, to inform you about in this post. It’s a good day–maybe–for social media users. It ought to be the begging of the end of Big Tech Tyrants like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

I have never admired Mark Zuckerberg, but I have up until recently, admired Elon Musk. No more!

Elon Musk is unstable and making ignorant moves concerning Twitter while he maintains a savage skeleton crew that is sabotaging his company from the inside out.

Just a few hours ago, I received this message from WordPress. Maybe many of you have the same message, maybe not. But here is the new scoop with the unstable reality at Twitter soon-to-be-doomed has-been. Logo and Wordmark
Hi Cliff, From April 30, 2023 you will no longer be able to share your WordPress.​com posts automatically to Twitter using Jetpack Social. Twitter decided, on short notice, to dramatically change the terms and pricing of the Twitter API. We have attempted to work with Twitter in good faith to negotiate new terms, but we have not been able to reach an agreement. As a result, we will need to remove the functionality. You can still auto-share your posts to Tumblr, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And you are able to share your posts to Twitter manually by pasting the post link into the body of your tweet. In the near future, we are adding the ability to auto-share to Instagram and Mastodon and we are continuing to release new features in Jetpack Social. Thank you for your understanding with this situation. Please feel free to connect with support if you need any help. Thanks,The WordPress.​com team

I am no fan of WordPress, you all know that from reading my past posts. But here I must point out the ignorance of Elon Musk and his ability and ignorance to totally destroy the Twitter platform. And, I actually hope it is utterly and totally destroyed and Elon Musk bankrupts and loses his billions. That is harsh, I know, but when you deal with bullies and Big Tech tyrants you can’t be soft. Being soft will only get you thrown threw the Silicon Valley and San Fransisco Gangsters shredders.

I want to see the Boring Company thrown out of the Vegas Valley. The underground tunnels are unsafe in my opinion due to the fact Las Vegas sits on one of the most dangerous earthquake fault lines in history and is at risk of being a potentially massive destructive force. Read up on it in the links below.

Destructive Earthquakes

An Overview of Deadly Earthquake Threats in the Vegas Valley

Get Real Serious About Earthquake Threats in Nevada Las Vegas to Reno

A 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Striking Las Vegas? Here is the Truth!

“Earthquakes occur in and around the valley. At least one local fault, Frenchman Mountain fault, is considered to be 100% tectonic.”

I want to see Elon Musk removed from SpaceX, too. As I said, I once admired Elon Musk, but now it is evident he is unstable and seriously so. We cannot trust an unstable man at the helm of advanced rocket and spacecraft technology that threatens our existence here on earth. We just cannot trust it. We cannot trust Elon Musk. Period!

Elon Musk must be removed and divested from investments or supervision in any of the companies he currently owns. And that, folks, will lead to his bankruptcy and erase him from Billionaire status and even millionaire status. And good, he has erased a lot of people from Twitter and other avenues, so payback karma will make many laugh.

He boasts about suspending over 40,000 Twitter users per month. That many? Then he needs to be sued like Facebook which you can read below. Elon Musk is clearly a fraud and a dangerous person. He is not the freedom loving, freedom exercising czar he claimed to be but the tyrant who strips people of their freedoms.

I’m tired of Big Tech Tyrants, aren’t you? I’m tired of their assassin systems run by secret police and hostile anonymity. We need to take back our lives and our freedoms and send the predators packing. Sticking together is one way we can achieve that.

Tonight I also give Goodreads the boot and strip one more asset from tyrant Jeff Bezos and the Amazon masters of destruction. People so intimately involved in minute details of even a simple review they have to show their communism and control over your very lives.

Now, that we have barked up enough storm bout Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, let’s hear about the latest with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook or the so-called Meta.

Facebook users can now claim settlement money from the $725 million class action lawsuit Meta just agreed to settle. Anyone who had used Facebook in the past 16 years is entitled to a piece of the settlement money. But the user must act since it is not automatic and the shares will likely be so minute it may bot be worth bother. The lawyers, of course, will be the big winners.

Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire. Even if he had to pay out of his own pocket, and he does not, he wouldn’t even blink at $725 million so don’t think this is a big deal because it is not. Take Zuckerberg’s entire holding and make it a big deal.

Read the details below and act.

A Message recently from Meta/Facebook

Settlement info

You may be entitled to payment from the settlement of a lawsuit.

The lawsuit claimed that Facebook shared people’s data with third parties and didn’t monitor how that data was accessed and shared.

We’re constantly strengthening our safeguards to protect your data, and deny any wrongdoing.

You can view the settlement details to learn more and understand your options.”

Settlement Money

Settlement News

Settlement Details from Courts and What You Must Do, How to File

Now for some news about prisoners paying restitution to their victims. This is a start, but a long way from doing any good. My Four Pillars of Law and Justice or Crime reform has four parts, Boot Camp, Work Farm, Prison Detention (four different levels and security) and execution which would be done at a maximum of two years from time of crime or conviction and no later. But his is a new bulletin worth sharing, at least someone is thinking common sense. It is only a proposal so far, so we have a long way to go

Proposed Prisoner Payment Plan for their Victims

There is a Bad Moon Rising in the Vegas Valley

Las Vegas is clearly a dangerous place to live and visit. Visitors and locals alike need to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

There have been several recent attacks in and around Strip Casinos, in the Fremont Street corridor and throughout the valley.

There have been countless unprovoked attacks, random selection of victims of shootings, stabbings, gang fights and multiple other violent conflicts against tourists, residents, police, and many others.

Simply put, Vegas Valley is NOT a safe place to live or visit.

Still, more and more tourists are going home in body bags or with large medical bills after being attacked.

The attackers are becoming more aggressive, and their targets are easy prey.

The Vegas Valley flourishes for but one reason, the tourist trade. Some local residents detest tourists, and it is not uncommon to see bumper stickers with negative statements about tourist. While we cannot pry the truth from those people’s cold hard hands, the fact to the matter is, the Vegas Valley only survives because of tourists.

Las Vegas is the epitome for defense attorneys willing to defend the predators against the victims without shame. The vast majority of judges are soft on crime. The local prosecutors are substandard. The city and county officials are the utopians of Oscar B. Goodman’s Don of mafia hierarchy and his wife continues to reign the throne with more than a quarter of a century of Goodmans being overwhelmingly elected by a people who care not about victims, but only about leftwing politics that patronize the unions, the city, county and state public workers and the hundreds of nonprofits that flourish here unchecked, unbound and with pure impunity.

One such nonprofit has received over 50 million dollars a year from the people’s tax money and donations and funneled by city and country officials to the hands of the corrupt and criminal nonprofits and slumlord properties.

HELP of Southern Nevada takes in millions of dollars a year, fully funds clients that are violent, drug dealing and drug users, alcoholic and obese, freeloading on donors and the taxpayers, without any structure to guide these “clients” to a useful and productive life and without any agendas to move them into work programs and self-sustaining lifestyles.

There are hundreds of nonprofit organizations in the Vegas Valley with the top head skimming and scamming millions of dollars of the people’s money in their own pocket and no one is investigating them.

The IRS, which is supposed to govern these so-called charities, turns a blind eye.

I have tons of raw videos showing the drug dealing, drug use, prostitution, criminal acts, alcoholics, violence, and hundreds of able body persons riding bicycles, and doing things the “disabled” wouldn’t be able to do while they freeload the system you the taxpayers and donors fund, and yes, Martha, bodies being loaded in body bags right outside my window.

There is no will or desire to shut down slumlords or their illegal operations. The city, county and state benefits too much from them, the unions flourish because of them, and the public workers, nonprofits and medical professionals all make their living because of them.

The murders and the rising death tolls are nothing new to this 89101 zip code neighborhood which is DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS. There have been runaway crime rates for decades and as long as the soft-on-crime judges prevail and the mismanaged METRO police department continues to run the way it has, that crime will continue to increase.

Smiling Joe Lombardo lied his way all the way to the Nevada Governor’s seat and now he is proud to claim his wonders worked in collaring crime in the Vegas Valley and greater Nevada. The truth is Lombardo, and his lack of experience and intelligence is the cause of constantly increasing crime in the Vegas Valley.

In 2010 this neighborhood in 89101 and 89106 in Downtown Las Vegas were listed as the 3rd, 4th and 8th most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States by the FBI.

Las Vegas has a history of high crime

FBI 2010 Crime Stats

America’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in 2010 (Downtown Las Vegas took 3rd, 4th and 8th place in the nation)

Las Vegas Places 9th for the Current Homicide Rate

Vegas Ranks 9th for Murder Increase

Nevada Places 6th for the Highest Drug Use (Where there is drugs there is crime.)

Homicide Lt. Ray Spencer tells the gloomy story of children in crime scenes and more.

Homicides Increasing and Children are Among Them

Murder Increases 110% in Vegas in 2021 over 2020

Las Vegas Ranked 7th in Nation for Homicide in 2021 Read some of the current news blotters and see what is happening in Vegas.

Every day, first responders are on this property, police, paramedic, fire department and others, and no one reports any of the violent and life threatening or life taking activities… no one!

Many public records were falsified to cover up the continued crime and play it down. I have footage of serious gunfights and assassination attempts by drug gangs on this property that were never reported in the news or even significantly investigated by LVMPD under either Lombardo or Gillespie command.

Taken a couple of days ago. A 3-minute walk from my front door. Bullet holes are common around here in 89101.

If you don’t fight crime it is going to grow, and Joe Lombardo and his forces let crime grow and get out of hand and it is still growing.

But in all fairness, Vegas police were defunded and under funded like the rest of the nation’s law enforcement forces during this period of WOKE and soft on crime era that still continues despite more people are stuffed into body bags,

Am I recommending a DO NOT VISIT LAS VEGAS strategy? No, I am not. Rising crime and violence is growing all over America and all over the world. The powers that be force the rest of us to worship their crime lords and take a soft-on-crime attitude rather than have sympathy and compassion for the victims and their families.

Metro police department spends more time and taxpayer money on cons and ex-cons and zero on victim’s welfare. The entire utopia is the same way, many of them government agencies and government workers, public workers, creating nonprofits that channel millions of dollars into their hands to skim and scam while pretending to be doing something about the same problems that has existed for decades and will continue to exist.

These people retire years before the average private sector worker, with more money, more fringe benefits, and more luxury than most people can even imagine.

Some crimes are just unstoppable. Recently a government worker murdered a journalist who was writing about him and exposing his corruption. How could something like that be prevented? There have been many teachers and other public workers, police, firemen, and others, arrested for engaging in sex with minors and doing other evil things.

There have been a number of alleged suicides by government workers when the heat on them became too hot. I say alleged because sometimes these deaths are truly suspicious.

There have been several cases of public workers caught with their hands in the cookie jar stealing sometimes millions of public dollars, often on gambling and other vices. You seldom hear about these cases again. They often get lost in the news of forever forgotten.

Judges and DAs and other ranking officials have had their names in the news for one reason or the other.

One female public defender was discovered sleeping with her client, a gangbanger on trial for some crime and he became her “boyfriend.”

There is no stopping the adventures that happen in Vegas. Sometimes it stays here and sometimes it doesn’t. Since the invention of the internet and cell phones a lot more gets out than used to, but still there is an overwhelming effort to keep the lid on things.

Should you move to Vegas? I do not recommend it unless you do so by a job transfer, and then I would not pull up roots entirely in your old hometown, if that is where you are coming from.

The Vegas Valley and Alaska run neck-to-neck on being the number one place for spouse abuse and attacks on females. Divorce is as high as crime and often crime is involved in domestic disputes. One year Alaska leads. The next year Nevada leads and Vegas is the primary hot spot. These two leaders of domestic spouse abuse have teetertottered back and forth for decades.

Too, the Vegas Valley, like everywhere else, has mental health problems unshackled. The mental health problems are monumental, and growing. I have my opinions on this subject, but I don’t think the public has had enough violence to listen yet. Too frequently, case after case, the perpetrator is assessed and evaluated to see if he is competent to stand trial. More often than not he is not and that means he gets a lighter sentence and different treatment for being insane while someone who is sane that did something just as crazy meets his maker and judgment much quicker.

Our justice system is antiquated and while we frown on capital punishment, we call ourselves civil while innocent people are butchered in cold blood and tortured without defense or compassion as the predator gets the full support of defense lawyers, court law and soft-on-crime judges and a sympathetic society. The victim gets nothing except weeping family and loved ones.

I would seriously think of a different place to go if you have children. Vegas is hostile to children and children are victimized by a host of violent crimes, including at school. For the sake of your children, you need to give really serious thought before loading up the car and packing your stuff.

The Vegas Valley has been at the bottom of the list for schools and education, sometimes dead last. Drugs run rampant in schools. Racism is high.

Visiting and moving here are two different thing. What I would suggest is to take a leave of absence if you can from current work at the hometown, either move your things into a local storage or accommodate your home and possessions somehow. If you rent instead of owning it, it may be easier.

Then come to Vegas and rent an extended stay or low-term lease and settle in for a few months to see how it works out. You can always go back home or send for your possessions, and you will be on solid grown and be better informed. You may like it and may work out. You may not like it and you have an out.

Either way, you don’t box yourself in this way.

In the “Newsroom” link in the navigation bar, or menu are a few links to local news media, print and TV. Search your search engine and find many more and then tune in on a daily basis and monitor the crime happening here in Vegas and keep tabs on it. The murders, the robberies, the rapes, the whole busload of violence. That way when you come to visit you can have a better idea of what to expect and what to do to reduce your chances and your families chances of being involved in crime. Of course random crime, which is much of what happens in Vegas no one can be prepared for.

What Can I Do to Prevent Being a Victim of Crime?

  1. Research the internet until your fingers gets numb: “How to stay safe in high crime areas.” Write keywords similar to that and research all you can.
  2. Here in Vegas, travel in at least pairs or more. Never travel alone. Often multiple people are attacked at once here, but the sheer safety is in numbers. While one is being attacked, others should be on the phone calling 911. And know where you are at all times so you can leave directions to dispatch. Keep your phone on all levels for tracking and notification of location so police can track your pings.
  3. Search the local laws which change frequently and learn weapons restrictions. You cannot even have a pocket knife over three or four inches here. So be aware of your limits and plan ahead just how you will defend yourself if attacked.
  4. Often violence comes after arguments, and arguments come after people get drunk or someone says something to another that sparks anger. Try to avoid these conditions, which are difficult if you want to party and have fun. But keeping your mouth shut to others will probably keep you out of 99% of the trouble.  
  5. Offenders are getting far more brazen than they were even just a few years ago. They attack in casinos, in front of security and/or police, they have no boundaries.
  6. Keep your batteries well charged on your phone and use the camera or video to record any attack while guarding your phone from being stolen. The evidence will be helpful.
  7. Staying in crowds is NOT always safe, criminals have knifed people on the Strip that were in crowds, complete random attacks. But being in crowds, again, leaves you with a better chance of getting faster help. But don’t expect a guardian angel as too often people just don’t want to get involved anymore.


Homeless Camps Growing Across Las Vegas

Human Trafficking Has Always been a Big Ticket in Las Vegas Officials Simply DO NOT CARE!

Have fun if you are planning a trip to Vegas, but have a trusted one watch your back.

Bad Moon Rising–Creedence Clearwater Revival

Tanya Tucker: Kindness

She’s on the road again…

Tanya Denise Tucker: The Epitome of American Western Women.

… and other stuff, including musing.

It was back in the year 1972 when I first heard Tanya Tucker sing Delta Dawn. It was the first time anyone in the general public heard Miss Tucker sing. And what a singer she would become.

I was 18. I graduated from high school, the year before, at age 17. Wow, what a singer she was and still is!

Tanya Tucker was just 13 when she recorded Delta Dawn on 17 March 1972. She released the 45 RMP record less than a month later and the whole world would get to hear the young, vibrant Miss Tucker’s voice. Delta Dawn was on side-A of the US single that would launch Tanya Tucker’s musical career. “I Love the Way He Loves Me” was on side-B of her first hit.

From then on it was country music history.

Delta Dawn Lyrics

Tanya Tuckers First Single

This year, 2023, Tanya Tucker was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. It is a well-deserved award for a career spanning over a half century. Tanya Tucker has won several awards during her long musical history. Indulge in the links I have provided here and spoil yourself.

I did not plan on writing a blog post today. I have too much other stuff to do that singularly and collectively are time consuming. But I was working on my writing dashboard Write On! blog that has tons of links to music videos I listen to while crafting masterpieces for your reading pleasure and sometimes horror. Somewhere along the day’s travel I discovered Tanya Tucker’s New Song, Kindness. It is on her brand new album, Sweet Western Sound, to be released 2 June 2023.

Lyrics to Kindness

Write On! is currently a private blog and will soon be opened to the public as I show you some of the ideas, I offer you for writing that you can help yourself with.

But first, I am fighting many demons and gremlins within the WordPress system which I think needs new management. Today, I’m not going to bash the powers that be behind the iron curtain of the secret society within the WordPress tome-like platform. But I can assure you, as a lifetime top manager in business, I would never allow such substandard treatment of customers.

Some of you may be snickering, thinking perhaps I’m an idiot for not figuring out the most basic things one needs to function well in blogging. Know, you and everyone connected to WordPress and these Big Tech operations like them, are losing money and lots of it.

How do I know? Because if it bothers me, I know it bothers plenty of other people, too.

I know millions walk away from operations like this in frustration and never say a word about it. They don’t tell anyone like I do.

You lose readers. Advertisers lose revenue. That guy that sits high on his thrown in WordPress and other Oz-like worlds, or behind the curtain, never sees the failures operating behind the scenes that I see and experience in the front lines and trenches of the blogging warfare.

You lose followers. You lose readers. You lose valuable world communication because those who run like rabbits from foxes will never stay long enough to give your blog a read, let alone make comments to you. You are in the elite club, like the blue checks in Twitter, someone special. Yet you are trying to sell something to someone who has no ability to function where you are selling. And yes, many of you have “donate” buttons, PayPal, Go Fund Me and other ways to generate revenue for your writing. But millions will never see your work or contribute because the elitist club is not open to those millions.

The despair.

If you notice my navigation bar up top is helter-skelter, totally unstable, and unmanageable. After working days setting it up in a better way, some secret villain within WordPress network or a demon or gremlin totally released bugs worse than the Downtown Las Vegas Maverick and Hidden Village bedbugs and cockroach infestation. To be fair, WordPress hidden village is not alone in the guilt. I directly blame every Big Tech and Big Telecommunications involved to have a hand in the substandard ways we as American and a world seem to tolerate. You know, Cox, Google, Microsoft, Firefox, Chrome, YouTube, etc., all of them. The Chain Gang. Or I should say, the BROKEN chain gang.

I have learned how to follow and like and add comments on some fellow bloggers’ pages, but not all is a success, and I’m still working on this major task, but here is the bottom line, then I’m getting back to Tanya Tucker because I feel much better praising people for their success than bashing unsuccessful anonymous creatures from the abyss.

I remember when blogging was easy. So easy anyone could do it. When you developed a navigation bar with parent and child structures it was quick and easy to complete. And then it stayed put forever. Or seemed so.

Following and liking and making comments was not complicated at all. It was easy. Anybody could do it. Quick.

The squirrels that bury their nuts are like the first mouse that gets greedy and grabs the cheese. The second mouse always gets the cheese.

How many millions of people just flat out refuse to take the BS Big Techs like WordPress dish out? Why do so-called educated behind-the-scenes anonymous individuals that cannot be personally confronted insist on burying their nuts when we need those nuts to make our nut pudding?

Tanya Tucker Spreads Kindness

What People Are Saying About Tanya Tucker in Nashville

Sweet Western Sound

Well, thank God for Tanya Tucker and Jackie DeShannon and all those music generators, songwriters and singers that make our frustrated life so much easier and less complicated. We can enjoy their music and in the case of both those two ladies just named, Tanya Tucker and Jackie DeShannon and many others, enjoy it for more than a half a century. Don’t worry, country bumkins, your times coming. It’ll be here before you know it and then you’ll be in the Geezer crossing and in the headlights of some youngin whippersnapper, someday soon. Lifestyle of the geezer crossings.

They write easy songs, easy words, easy and peaceful music that is easy to understand and enjoy.

While on my Write On! excursion I discovered Tanya Tucker has two new albums recently released. Full albums, my goodness. Not just singles.

Yes, my fellow bloggers, I am into western music, western-genre reading and western writing as well. Being a multi-genre writer, I am a big fan of frontier justice when, at least in the imagination, we can create an escapist atmosphere and leave this brutal world at least momentarily and visit an even more brutal world hoping the AI patrols don’t find something wrong as they inflict 1984 Orwellian upon us.

Yes, Martha, Tanya Tucker.

I was inspired by the discovery of Tanya Tucker’s new original song, Kindness, from her brand new album, Sweet Western Sound, to be released on 2 June of 2023.

I vision myself writing a western story with a strong female heroine inspired from Miss Tucker’s latest creation. I often write as if I am creating a visual of a movie in the making. Who knows, maybe if I succeed, Miss Tucker could make the movie with her splitting imagine of self and the adorable costumes she uses in her latest promotions.

Be I ever get to where I am intended on going, Miss Tanya Tucker has always had my respect and honor. She was just a 13 year old kid singing adult themed songs and transpired that into a successful career.

And before I forget, if you notice many of the videos, I present here are published by Tanya Tucker herself.

If you like western music and if you love Tanya Tucker, hit the keyboards running and search up a new storm to find the material to bring you pleasure about her exciting life…and most of all, track her tour dates… she’s on the road again.

Tanya Tucker’s Background Information


See her 2023 tour schedule beginning right now in April 2023 on her website.

The little girl is all grown up now…

Put a Little Love in Your Heart this Easter

Happy Easter, My Friends… it is that time of the year again.

I have made some resolutions that are normally preserved for New Year’s, but Easter is a much more important day, and no other day is as spiritually powerful for embedding life-changing systems into one’s activity and regular schedule. Your lifestyle.

I will share these Easter-generated resolutions with you as time goes on, but not today.

Instead of plagiarizing myself, I will just present the link from my 2021 Easter post since much of the content remains the same.

Easter 2021

I want to echo two years later what I said in 2021. Things are much worst now than they were two years ago. And certainly they are much worst than back in the year 1969 as you will learn the message from that era as you read down this post.

This year, the western churches, such as here in the United States, celebrate Easter on Sunday, 9 April 2023. Some Eastern Orthodox churches in the US practice the western culture to harmonize school children’s schedules and some practice both while others just the eastern culture. Easter is called Pascha in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and this year, Pascha or Easter is celebrated one week from the western culture on Sunday, 16 April 2023.

Orthodox Easter (Pascha) 2023

We are, here in the United States, the nation that stands for freedom, more than any other nation on earth. That is why we have so many immigrating here, legally, or illegally, to become part of the American Dream and to enjoy the unbridled freedom and the inalienable rights we are guaranteed as citizens. Instead of building the same kind of freedom system in their own country, they come here and create more problems for everybody, but there is nobody out there willing to teach the masses how to build freedom in their own backyard. Everlasting freedom.

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Jackie DeShannon: Put a Little Love in Your Heart (1969)

A higher volume version for the hard of hearing

Co-written and sung by Jackie DeShannon: Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Jackie DeShannon on Speaking Freely

More information about the song Jackie DeShannon co-wrote

More information about Jackie DeShannon

A pioneer, “She was one of the first female singer-songwriters of the rock and roll period.”

We’ve become a complicated, frustrated, angry and hateful world with increased incivility, crime, corruption and tolerance for the villains and demons among us. If there was any one recording artist who sang out the epitome song she was Jackie DeShannon with her epic song “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”. Every word in that song, every beat and tune sings out the reality of what we must do to survive a catastrophic and decaying world. And she sang it back when females were unpopular in the genre and she became the first female singer-songwriter of the rock and roll era. “Put a little love in your heart, and the world will be a better place for you and me.” Nobody said it better. Jackie DeShannon co-wrote “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” with her brother Randy Myers and Jimmy Holiday. She released it in June 1969, 54 years ago, and still sings it today. Is the world listening?  

 American aspiration is destroyed without a unified effort to restore peace and kindness to our hearts. If we must remain in defensive mode to protect ourselves from vicious attacks from demonic predators, we see with firsthand knowledge that peace and kindness isn’t coming to our world but sheer chaos and catastrophic, irreversible warfare and conflict with lingering rivalry.

That is not the kind of world any of us want or need. Let’s listen to more mending songs like Jackie DeShannon writes and sings.

Happy Easter. Be safe. Have fun and put a little love in your heart.