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Profile CRI still need to do a lot of work on the profile before releasing it for publication. Until everything is more fully organized I’ll use this page for a general heads up page.

Currently Vegas Valley is a sporadic publication without a consistent schedule. The same applies to my two newest writing publications in the group, By Storyteller Cliff Harrison and Writer’s Lair. I’m working the best I can to get the sites organized and up to the professional standards I demand from all my publishing endeavors.

I have a number of projects in the works simultaneously and although that never used to be a problem for me it has since my severe chronic fatigue syndrome has intensified. Sometimes I’m rendered dysfunctional for days, weeks, even months upon end. A number of other health problems interferes with my ability to produce in a timely manner like I used to, including PTSD and other chronic medical problems, yet I refuse to surrender to “disability” and forsake my purpose. I apologize for any discomfort this may cause you. I hope it doesn’t interfere with a periodic visit from you. The multiple health problems can only delay my production output, it can’t halt it or discourage me into surrendering my greatest joy in life–writing & storytelling.

This site is intended as a general reference only and is not intended to replace any professional advice one may have which may or not be contrary to my own opinions. Often the articles and stories contained herein are expressions of how I do something personally or what I have found on exploration or deeper research into the subject matter.

All of my writing is based on three primary elements: Experience, Research & Imagination. That statement applies equally to my vast slush pile and collection of nonfiction and fiction manuscripts.

I write, in the words of my late and beloved cousin Debbie, “…to make the world a better place in which to live.” I write in the profession of my late and beloved brother, Kenny. I write to teach. Writing is the universal method of educational lessons in the written language. Readers are the students of those lessons. Great readers become good writers who pass the torch of generations through the teachings of the spoken and written word. The circle is unbroken. The pen is the most powerful weapon in the world & the writer is the master of minds.

Some of the articles and stories in this publication were previously published in substantially the same form in the Cliff Harrison Media Group since 2006. Other media published my work, some commercially even earlier than 2006, in both electronic and print form. Some material is substantially edited to enhance a more recent manuscript draft.  While other edits, revisions or rewrites updates previously published work in my own network of media & communications as well as previously released in commercial publications in which I retain the rights to. In most of those cases, I sold my stories by assigning only the standard First North American serial rights to the newspapers and magazines that printed them. Therefore I retained full ownership of my intellectual and literary property.

As mentioned above, the same statements applies to my two newest writing publications in the group, By Storyteller Cliff Harrison and Writer’s Lair.

All Rights Are Reserved and all work is protected by copyright, of course.

Cliff Harrison
Las Vegas, Nevada

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