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I have over 200 blogs, websites, social media accounts incorporated with multiple pages and groups. All of which have been increasingly difficult to manage while inflicted with severe illnesses and chronic medical problems.

I have maintained many of those platforms and publication in the public and the private setting, the latter more increasingly so.

eBooks & Blogs is an ideal system which incorporates all of these publications, combining several media groups and merging them into a few, more controllable platforms and publications.

The combined content libraries contains tens of thousands of articles, essays, short stories, short-read and long-read novels and nonfiction books. The content libraries also archive and store hundreds of thousands of photo images, research material and notes compiled over two decades of electronic means and five decades of manual writing, research and photography.

So why did I have so many publications? In short, because I am a humanitarian & human rights writer who researches, investigates, and advocates for the plight of human beings inflicted by evil forces.

We activate global rescue missions to secure their freedom and independence. We liberate the oppressed from evil forces. Those evil forces may be nature or human. And, subhuman.

I have been active in the rescue of victims of evil for decades and despite my inability to work in the field anymore, I primary associate with partner commandos that lead the vital operations in multiple rescue missions worldwide.

Funding my partners has not been as good as it once was and neither has my role. Hopefully I can change that while I still have time.The victims in this world depend upon us.

That brings me back to eBooks & Blogs, a publishing enterprise which should expand rapidly over the next few years.

As a writer and humanitarian, and a problem solver, I started many of those blogs and writing and photography outlets years and even decades ago for a two-key point resolve, the first for an outlet to write about and to produce money to fund and grow the humanitarian organizations I was engaged in starting up. The second was to provide an outlet for the refugees that our joint organizations fostered to aftercare programs. The websites and blogs, monetized and supported by self-funded, privately-financed, humanitarian companies and organizations self-owed would provide employment, training, education and a complete, enhanced aftercare system for rescued victims, refugees and humanitarian and human rights clients we chartered to secure, defend, promote and help lead them to a fully free and independent life.

In a nutshell, our Agenda One Mission is to help each extracted client though aftercare to become fully self-reliant and totally independent and self-supporting within the time frame they need to achieve that level of security. They will always be protected by the Guardian Angels assigned to their personal protection–for life.

There have been many failures in the rescue attempts of many victims which had led to tragic results. Many causalities. Many disturbing endings that must be endured and remembered as we struggled to survive the traumatic events and somehow seek our rewards knowing the few we have saved compared to the many we were unable to save.

As life wears on, so does the grinding memories of missions gone wrong and we ponder to ask ourselves, what could we have done differently to make it better? The first answer is a resounding refusal to quit. We regroup, rethink and come up with a better system of empowerment that will enhance the lives of the forsaken. We must!

We must.

With today’s world of instant communication, of internet connection, eBooks and Blogs, there has never been a greater time in history to harvest the opportunities that enable us to set in motion the mindset we need to convey to the people of the world.

Writing is a powerful tool, rather it is used as a weapon or as a tool for healing and ultimately for peace. It is also the most valuable source of education, of knowledge, of information.

The Clifford G. Harrison DIY Freedom & Independence Library will continue to amass extensive content and present it for teaching to our readers to make the world a better place in which to live, for all of its citizens.

We intend to move our massive and overwhelming workload forward, to tap our resources, our vast library content and archive to produce a genuine market for our wealth of material in both eBooks and blogs, thus the name of the operation. I changed the name of the titles of Blogs & eBooks to the reverse, eBooks & Blogs. I just think it looks better and sounds better. There may be some tags on some older posts that are now incorrect, but I will probably skip them for more pressing things.

I have a lot of work to do repairing and mending broken links and outdated material on the blogs I have not actively worked lately. But I will get it done, eventually.

We will perform in both works of short-reads and long reads.

Who knows, maybe the original intended reasons for the vast number of publishing outlets to begin with will once again find a purpose in suiting the refugees, the rescued and the underprivileged–the underdog–to give them an opportunity to succeed in a forever hostile world of challenges.

The blogs closed to the public will continue to be private-writing blogs in which several genres of work in both fiction and nonfiction, in short works and collections as well as full-length projects will be housed, revised, edited, proofed and then polished until they gleam like a beacon with impeccable quality, or so we hope.

Some of those private-writing blogs may open for public viewing, at least temporarily, but the method we will use to present them is in pages and posts with their titles and tags in the flagship blogs that are open to the public.

I close this on the morning of Election Day 2020. We will know soon in which direction this nation and this world will be on course for, a path of destruction or a path of progress.

You can be certain, either way, I will be blogging and publishing eBooks and print books until the last star burns out in the sky.


Clifford G. Harrison

3 November 2020 8:30 AM PST

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA