Today’s Headlines: Las Vegas Ranks 9th in 10% increase in murders across the nation…

The Vegas Valley even beat Chicago, New York, LA and some 300 other medium to large cities in the USA for the increase of murders.

Crime is Rising

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I rose out of bed at 4:00 this morning. Put my coffee on. Fired up the computer. Started simultaneously doing other work. As many know, and posts will come with full discussions of the dysfunctions of two brain inflictions, (WordPress or Firefox does not want to put an “s” on inflictions which is plural, two things. I must turn off the spell checker because there is no “ignore this” option on this browser or blogging system.) chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Why was it so hard to get that simple, basic message out? I’ll repeat it to show the simplicity of the message and my point.

I rose out of bed at 4:00 this morning. Put my coffee on. Fired up the computer. Started simultaneously doing other work. As many know, and posts will come with full discussions of the dysfunctions of two brain inflictions, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Now was that paragraph that complicated to create? No, except the hostile spell checker does not like an “s” added to a word to indicate plural use. So, it puts a wiggly red line under the word to indicate it is spelled wrong and thus distracting the user from continued work. The user then must STOP and correct the problem. Either pacify the archaic spell checker, which nearly anyone you decide to use, no matter what system, will have this decades outdated malfunctioning blight, of disliking the added “s” that indicates plural, but you either pacify the spell checker and spell the word incorrectly without the plural indicating “s” or you disable your spell checker and miss many more.

That is one of many annoying things for me with using a word processor, a blogging platform or even a computer in general. What is wrong with this generation? And by “this generation” I mean anyone under 50. Okay, 40. No, make it 50. I have met some brilliant individuals in that category I would call the younger generation. But I have also met busloads of duds.

Now I am NOT picking on the “other generation” and I am certain it is NOT YOU, but those you ride the bus with, the little bus, or the big bus.

Or maybe it’s just me at the Geezer that needs to bring along a can of WD-40 to keep the joints from locking up. The one that holds up the fast lane.

We all experience three things. Taxes. Dying. And becoming old geezers, or just old. Unless we die young, which too many do, we all become old. So, those that disrespect the old now will have their turn.

What I don’t understand about this other generation is why do they make things so complicated? In my days the number one job a business had to do for their customers were to make it simple. Easy to use. So, anybody could use it with the least bit of trouble. About midway through the lifespan someone came up with the K.I.S.S. plan. Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. Now I am sure many got up in arms about that expression, especially the last word, and missed the entire point.

But why are today’s doers always making things so difficult? The logout button to every internet site used to be in the upper right-hand corner, and real easy to find. Click and you’re done. Now? Go to Amazon, Twitter and thousands of other places. To sign out, you need to go hunting to find the logout button. They keep you captive. Hold you hostage. For whatever reason, I don’t know. But they do. Twitter is worst with their sign in or login. It is at the very bottom and until you find it and know you will be hunting and hunting and hunting to try to figure out how to sign in. Why? Should we ask The CONSULTANT?

People, you don’t abuse your customers and clients that way. You make it easy. Don’t insult them. Don’t make things complicated.


Yeah, I kept clicking the follow button up in the top right hand notification box, and it doesn’t work. I tried everywhere and when I clicked the button, nothing happened. I thought it was Chrome because WordPress doesn’t like Chrome or Chrome doesn’t like WordPress. I tried Firefox, no go on the following, but it can do functions on WordPress Chrome can’t. Don’t ask me why. I gave up trying to guess what these Big Tech engineers were doing or trying to figure them out decades ago. But the follow problem was NOT my browser. IT WAS WORDPRESS. Why do they do this? Every time WordPress and every other site on the internet changed things, they made things WORST! You will never get 100% of the people to agree with that statement. You’ll be lucky if you get 50%. Some changes were really good. While others were really bad. And some downright ugly. The worst of the worsts were the changes that started hiding things and making thing complicated.

There used to be a follow button right under the top of the WordPress site you were visiting. There used to be a side by side, Follow and Following. Nice and easy. If you saw someone following you and you weren’t following them back, you simply clicked the button and done, you now followed.

A follower of mine named Stuart Danker has not only been following me for years, but also he had left a few comments. I could not find the way to follow him back. And I was disappointed at WordPress for creating such a nonsense system and always making it worst. I wanted to follow Stuart Danker and many others back as they followed me. WordPress, NOT my browsers made it exceedingly difficult. Another Big Tech outfit that if you don’t spend all day studying how to work it you will spend all day trying to fix what is broken. In the old days before the little guy became the rich guy, things were easy to figure out and you could get the job done in minutes, not hours. No more.

Simple operations are difficult to do and complicated with this generation of engineers and powers that be. It used to be easy to add color to text. Now to high light a piece of text in a simple color you have to go hunting again and figure it out. Now, if your luck is anything like mine, after you figure it out, they will go and change it and you have to figure it out all over again.

There is no like or dislike button on WordPress like there is on YouTube but the YouTube dislike button is just there to haunt you and remind you of back in the day when you were bad because you disliked someone’s video. Today, that dislike button does not function anymore than the WordPress follow button doesn’t work. Why?

Feedback is generally just as restrictive. Instead of YOU being able to tell what you like or dislike about a site, you are often restricted to a multiple choice of questioning THEY want you to answer. Or you are restricted to your word count, like if you cannot be allowed to take up too much of their time. Mind you, these Big Tech Tyrants get FREE consultation which they may apply and make millions without paying you a single dime. And, they give you this tiny little itsy bitsy window no bigger than the size of a pocket comb, and probably half that size.

The world has already gone to hell in a hand basket and we all know it.

Yes, I know, the old geezers and geese, raised the interest rates and then said inflation was coming. I know, I know, I know, if they didn’t raise the interest rates we wouldn’t have inflation coming. The Feds raised the interest rates nine times? I have a few of those riding my little bus, too. And then people making runs on banks which means the banks loose their main loyal customers who fear the bank will collapse, so they raise the interest rates on their credit and more flee the banks and looses more customers and all that nonsense is because of a few in power didn’t know enough to leave well enough alone.

…and they pass billion dollar anti-inflation bills that do what? Causes inflation. Yeah, I know the big bus is full, too.

If they would just let us follow each other without being so complicated maybe they would have twice as many users which means their revenue would rise, too. They remind me of squirrels burying their nuts. You do know don’t you, those squirrels never again find those nuts.

Remember, I told you I woke up at four this morning. The internet went out twice. Not once, but twice. Everyday Cox cable goes down. Just like every day the Maverick shuts the water off. Everyday. Someone has a leak. Old water pipes break. Mold becomes the norm. People get sick. And nobody knows why.

America has lost its edge.

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