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Comment Guidelines

These are the rules & regulations for comments. All comments will be monitored until declared trusted by the editor. We welcome all submissions, but due to the corrupt and misbehaved souls in our society we must safeguard our viewing public.

Sometime, which is more than a lot, I get too ill to keep up with my blogs and daily tasks. I have severe chronic fatigue syndrome that could keep me bedridden or totally dysfunctional for a long time. Therefore I may not approve a comment right a way. It may take some time if I am down. Please be patient. We’d still love to hear from you. Join our campfire forum.

No spam. Anonymous posters using a fake identity will be treated as such. I use my own name, and so should you. Anonymous posters are the ones with the biggest negative agenda and hate. If you chose to be anonymous be nice. But If I suspect trolling, baiting, bullying or negative and uncomfortable presence your comment will not be posted and you may be banned. 86 they call it in Vegas. I have traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD) chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and boatloads of other health problems so don’t spin me out or you will be gone and forgotten.

The purpose of this site is general blogging, providing a wide amount of material on different subjects. It will carry Las Vegas News, and if I am not posting local Vegas news, visit our NEWSROOM where the link is located at the top of the page in the navigation bar and visit one of our local new sources that I provide for your benefit. I will cover as much as I can about Las Vegas and the Vegas Valley as well as Nevada.

At the bottom of the blog in the righthand side bar are links to RSS feeds to CCB news. I chose this news media because they are one of the few that are not abusive to readers and they have little or no advertising. They BBC has no evil interfaces, those floating and disturbing ads or messages. You can read the news without being distracted like 99.9% of other newsrooms do. You can find a link to news on almost anything, anywhere. Feel free to visit daily just for the news or tap the orange RSS feed button and collect your own feed.

The blog is intended to educate, stimulate ideas and provide reader awareness of pressing political, social, economic and other avenues of problems and finding a solution for them. That means in Las Vegas, in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, USA or anywhere in the world we feeling like commenting on a recent news story or any other subject. Or, bringing up a fresh new idea or discussion ourselves. Therefore, reader feedback and participation is most wanted and welcomed. We would love to know what you think about any given subject we discuss. Two minds are better than one they say, and I agree with that.

Be a team participant and add your opinion or comment. Keep it respectful, civil and applied with integrity. We will all appreciate it.

Thank you for your understanding and participation. (comment rules to be updated shortly….maybe.) [My shortly or coming soon tends to be within a decade, hopefully. That is was TBI and CFS does to a human being.]

The Vegas Valley will currently be a sporadic publication until a consistent schedule can be determined.

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