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Free the Slaves~

Your purchase of our books and products helps us partnership with frontline liberation operations and rescue missions that free endangered females worldwide. We privately-fund and self-finance our own rescue operations as well as partner with the most experienced liberators of female slavery and endangerment. We are building an empire of female empowerment with liberating endangered females in harm’s way and removing them from risk. We then provide refuge and safe harbor, secured safe havens supporting their freedom and independence, providing the tools for their education, training, employment, advancement, self-reliance and empowerment; stabilizing and securing their development toward life, liberty and pursuit of happiness by restoring their inalienable rights, their human rights, their birthrights. Providing and enforcing justice for all females recovering from slavery, criminal assaults, kidnappings, sexual abuse, physical and psychological trauma, white slavery, human trafficking, patriarchal suppression, human rights violators and evil predators.

It’s not a small task. It is an insurmountable undertaking. Teaming together with others who pledge the same commitment to human priorities makes that great humanitarian task so much easier to manage.

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15 Reasons You Should Help Support Free the Slaves

The preceding public message is a presentation of our future. It’s who we are and what we do.
A peek at the future. An inside look at what we do, who we are. Where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s not our hobby, it is our lifelong commitment to humanitarianism. Our full obligation to our priorities. Our engagement to humanity.

As we build a publishing empire, nearly 100% of our profit will be used to build humanitarian empires that free enslaved and endangered females from the evil forces around the world.

We cannot do it alone. Those we are saving are often all alone. Being alone while evil enslaves you is no way for a human being to live, much less for woman and children to experience. We don’t need to let that happen. We can save them one at a time. We can prevent the evil that preys upon them, by educating and involving thousands at a time. We can harness the predators one at a time and prevent thousands of other humans from becoming their victims while freeing the ones that are.

“Slavery has no immunity” ~Cliff Harrison

~We Partner for Freedom~