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Book Reviews

This page will generally refer to book reviews. (and maybe sleeping kitties) Other types of reviews may be presented in blog posts and collected here also. Most consumer report and consumer-type reviews can be found in Poor Boy’s Reviews. Poor Boy’s Reviews will generally refer to consumer products, businesses and services which consumers use. The main focus on Reviews or Book Reviews are rating the authors and books we have read and rather we recommend them or not. No money is exchanged for any reviews on this site, at least not currently. Our revenue comes primarily from our publishing of our own eBooks and print books which are NOT reviewed here. If someone else reviews one of our own publications we may ask for a guest review or share, however that is not the intention of this page or site.

Many sites that offer book reviews are extremely oppressive and do not allow freedom of speech or the freedom of a reviewer to express their true feelings in responds to an author or their books, so we do so here to give our unconditional and honest review. We may or may not mention another site that rejected any of our reviews and ratings. Not all reviews listed here were rejected elsewhere. In fact, most of these reviews are unique and never before posted.

Readers of our reviews who then purchases books we reviewed from an author’s market ARE encouraged to give their own reviews at the sites of the author’s books so the author gets credit and standing from the reviews and ratings on that site.

We will run separate essays and articles concerning reviewing consumer products and books in normal blog posts on this site.

A quick and easy way to find all blog posts regarding reviews or book reviews from this site is to search the tags with “reviews” listing and a complete list of WordPress blog posts for this site should appear. The search bar for this site is in the top upper-most right-hand corner widget sidebar. WordPress will also assemble related blog posts for your viewing here, as well.