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We Are Our Sister’s Keepers

We Are Our Sister’s Keepers
The wings of freedom have not been clipped, the energies of independence takes a mighty engine to put them in motion.

BBC World News Featuring Nina Ansary

Jewels of Allah by Nina Ansary

Jimmy Carter: Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse
America has to clean up it’s own act at the same time cleaning up the evils of the world…
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter gives a TED speech on abuses of women and girls globally.

Our Sister’s Keepers is a self-funded, privately-financed humanitarian organization. Global operations conduct missions liberating females endangered by evil forces and provide rescue, recovery and refuge missions worldwide in fusion with other humanitarian and human rights organizations.  Our Sister’s Keepers are among the voices condemning human rights violations against females, working to bring awareness and lead in legislation globally to end human rights violations against females. Our Sister’s Keepers is not a 501(c)(3) IRS governed organization nor is it affiliated with the talented global photographer Maria Plakos who brings awareness through photography for the same humanitarian and human rights issues concerning women and children. The Fundamental Guarantees of all human beings begin with their inalienable birthrights, yet many nations and societies fail to uphold those basic human rights for those born females. Our Sister’s Keepers stands to change that.

Should the U.S. Partner with Iran to Destroy ISIS?

Should we partner with Iran to wage a joint war against the self-named Islamic State of Iraq and Syria? The short answer is yes. Yes, but you will never see it happen. Why is it a yes, that we ought to partner with a symbolic foe against a common enemy? Why?

There is a long-stirring division between our two countries primarily over Iran’s nuclear enhancements. The left and the right say no to partnership with Iran because of that long-term dispute over nuclear achievement, among other things such as knowledge that Iran supplies weapons to other terrorist organizations.

Are we not also currently at odds with Russia and Vladamir Putin over issues such as Ukraine? But don’t we have a lasting relationship or partnership with science, space exploration, space-station research and transit and with medical knowledge sharing as well as other social endeavors? We certainly do and none of them are being threatened to be scrapped due to our differences over Ukraine or with political opposition. So, why can’t we use the same logical sense and apply it with Iran? Besides, if we did we just might turn a foe into a less hostile adversary.

We have absolutely little to lose by teaming up with Iran in a coalition against ISIS terrorists. If anything, we stand to gain since Iran just might unleash the exterminating powers needed to rid the world of the most barbaric subhuman existence known to modern man.

Iran is a Shia Islam nation and the ISIS are Sunni. They are similar in belief, but yet have differences. There is nothing more perfect than a radical Islamic nation joining the fight to exterminate a radical Islamic wanna be. If there is, let me know what that might be. Or, is it that we don’t want to exterminate the ISIS? Maybe we want to house them down in Gitmo so we can let them loose later on so they can breed and regenerate.  There are some who call themselves Americans who would enjoy just such a thing.

A partnership with Iran is not a bad idea to fight the ISIS, an organization which could have and should have been eliminated or at least severely reduced months, even years ago, if we had leaders in this country and around the world. Such partnership is by no means an offer to climb into bed together. We shouldn’t trust the Iranians, but if we are to have no boots on the ground, then trust ought not be an issue. It is a single mission to conduct a single outcome; to destroy the ISIS terrorist movement. Period.

We need to rethink, ah, but the problem, do we have leaders who can think?