Today’s Headlines: Las Vegas Ranks 9th in 10% increase in murders across the nation…

The Vegas Valley even beat Chicago, New York, LA and some 300 other medium to large cities in the USA for the increase of murders.

Crime is Rising

Put a Little Love in Your Heart this Easter

Happy Easter, My Friends… it is that time of the year again.

I have made some resolutions that are normally preserved for New Year’s, but Easter is a much more important day, and no other day is as spiritually powerful for embedding life-changing systems into one’s activity and regular schedule. Your lifestyle.

I will share these Easter-generated resolutions with you as time goes on, but not today.

Instead of plagiarizing myself, I will just present the link from my 2021 Easter post since much of the content remains the same.

Easter 2021

I want to echo two years later what I said in 2021. Things are much worst now than they were two years ago. And certainly they are much worst than back in the year 1969 as you will learn the message from that era as you read down this post.

This year, the western churches, such as here in the United States, celebrate Easter on Sunday, 9 April 2023. Some Eastern Orthodox churches in the US practice the western culture to harmonize school children’s schedules and some practice both while others just the eastern culture. Easter is called Pascha in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and this year, Pascha or Easter is celebrated one week from the western culture on Sunday, 16 April 2023.

Orthodox Easter (Pascha) 2023

We are, here in the United States, the nation that stands for freedom, more than any other nation on earth. That is why we have so many immigrating here, legally, or illegally, to become part of the American Dream and to enjoy the unbridled freedom and the inalienable rights we are guaranteed as citizens. Instead of building the same kind of freedom system in their own country, they come here and create more problems for everybody, but there is nobody out there willing to teach the masses how to build freedom in their own backyard. Everlasting freedom.

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Jackie DeShannon: Put a Little Love in Your Heart (1969)

A higher volume version for the hard of hearing

Co-written and sung by Jackie DeShannon: Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Jackie DeShannon on Speaking Freely

More information about the song Jackie DeShannon co-wrote

More information about Jackie DeShannon

A pioneer, “She was one of the first female singer-songwriters of the rock and roll period.”

We’ve become a complicated, frustrated, angry and hateful world with increased incivility, crime, corruption and tolerance for the villains and demons among us. If there was any one recording artist who sang out the epitome song she was Jackie DeShannon with her epic song “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”. Every word in that song, every beat and tune sings out the reality of what we must do to survive a catastrophic and decaying world. And she sang it back when females were unpopular in the genre and she became the first female singer-songwriter of the rock and roll era. “Put a little love in your heart, and the world will be a better place for you and me.” Nobody said it better. Jackie DeShannon co-wrote “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” with her brother Randy Myers and Jimmy Holiday. She released it in June 1969, 54 years ago, and still sings it today. Is the world listening?  

 American aspiration is destroyed without a unified effort to restore peace and kindness to our hearts. If we must remain in defensive mode to protect ourselves from vicious attacks from demonic predators, we see with firsthand knowledge that peace and kindness isn’t coming to our world but sheer chaos and catastrophic, irreversible warfare and conflict with lingering rivalry.

That is not the kind of world any of us want or need. Let’s listen to more mending songs like Jackie DeShannon writes and sings.

Happy Easter. Be safe. Have fun and put a little love in your heart.