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Brad Keselowski Wins at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

LAS VEGAS (Vegas — While Brad Keselowski won this afternoon’s Kobalt 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Dale Earnhardt Jr. makes history.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. ran out of fuel during the final lap and is overtaken by Keselowski in the final quarter, but takes second place to land his spot in auto-racing history for his opening season with three consecutive top-two finishes. Motorcar stories are still unfolding as auto racing ends for the day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and crowds disperse into long-line traffic jams exiting North Las Vegas.

Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, we had an extra hour of sunshine and coupled with good weather here in Vegas for one of the Valley’s most popular events.

Earnhardt was one of three drivers who failed to make a final pit stop for fuel and that cost him in the final quarter lap, but he’s satisfied with his second-place win. Details can be found around the web on today’s multiple victories but the most popular places to look are none other than Brad Keselowski Wins in Vegas as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Runs Out of Fuel ( NASCAR) [Includes video] and Race Day Blog-Sunday-Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Neither Kurt or Kyle Busch had a good day at their home track. Unfortunately the Vegas Valley favorite home boys weren’t in the big money or even in the top ten, but then there are other racing days. The favorite sons will surely have their name in neon lights again.

Unofficial Kobalt Racing Results 09 March 2014:

1st-Car #2-Brad Keselowski

2nd-#88-Dale Earnhardt Jr.





7th-31 Newman