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Return to Grace

Las Vegas Weekly Horoscope

Las Vegas Weekly Horoscope

Do you believe in astrology? Horoscopes? I do. Sometimes. Why? Because they are so often true. Their hammer doesn’t often miss the head of the nail. For decades I’ve read my horoscope and more often than not they led to mostly true occurrences. At least for me, and sometimes for people I knew.

The Church fathers would probably frown to learn such a thing. Christians normally aren’t suppose to believe in some power competing with God–but I believe horoscopes and astrology are God’s plan. After all, we’re talking about something in His universe–His galaxy. He created it, so why doesn’t He rule it? I think He does. Just like He is science when most…or many folks decides to separate the two, and divide them. In my book, God is science. God is astrology. He controls it all. And, it’s not superstition. If anything, it’s a phenomenon.

Of course, your horoscope is only as good as your astrologist.

One of my favorite astrologists is Rob Brezsny. You can find him weekly where I do–in the Las Vegas Weekly (I use the hard copy magazine) or if you want to go to the next level you can reach him here at Free Will Astrology. com for audio or text horoscopes. Call in doesn’t appear to be available anymore since he no longer seems to be connected with a former location he used to communicate from. In any event, Rob is readily available at the above connections and his e-mail is available.

Anyone who knows me knows the last few years have been turbulent and plagued with one misfortune after another, especially medical and financial. I’m often accused of being negative. That’s because I live in a negative world. I find it hard to be humble and positive when there are so many destructive things around me. Just like I am not radical, as I am sometimes called. Although I am often accused of such, I am traditional, not radical. The world around me is radical. And, it’s becoming more radical everyday. And, those people in that world are on a collision course with doom–but you can’t tell them anything less you are bombarded with insults and innuendos. But Rob Brezsny can sometimes save the day. At least for me, and the night, too.

Rob Brezsny can sometimes explain the day with his (your) horoscope and those of your counter force or associates, whichever the case may be–if you know it. Here are two of my recent horoscopes and Rob wrote them as if they were a directive, so I can’t say I could disagree–in fact, he is right more often than not. How can I not trust him? Besides, everything is in line exactly as he forecast. I’ll save the best one for last:

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22)
Do you have any interest in reworking–even revolutionizing–your relationship with the past? If so, the coming weeks will be an excellent time to do so…

Then it goes on with more detail so specific to the events one must wonder if NSA took a front-row interest in me and are spying on my every thought. The next horoscope not only strikes at the core of long preparation of return to grace, but so accurate the arrow sliced the apple.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22)
When did you first fall from grace? Do you remember? It has happened to most of us. We spend time being privileged or cared about or respected, and then, suddenly, we no longer are. We lose our innocence. Love disappears. Our status as a favorite comes to an end. That’s the bad news, Leo. The good news is that I think the months ahead may be time for you to climb back up to one of those high states of grace that you fell from once upon a time. The omens suggest that even now you’re making yourself ready to rise back up–sooner than you think, there will be an invitation to do so.

I can’t wait. You bet I’m ready, Rob. Thanks for the directive. I think it rings true. I do know I have been “making myself ready”.  And I am.

Grab your own horoscope from Rob at one of the links above and if anything else, have fun with it and see how close this astrologist comes in making your inspirations come true. ENJOY!

Friday the 13th: THE SOLAR FLARE

A solar flare releasing shock waves. Click image for more details.

A solar flare releasing shock waves. Click image for more details.

The clock just struck midnight. It’s Friday the 13th in America. But relax the fear of the triple solar flare knocking down the power grid is remote. It would be physically impossible for the triple solar flare that departed from the sun hours ago to cripple the world’s complete power grid with its shock wave, at least on Friday the 13th as some humorous scientists and media reporters suggested.

The reason has less to do with physics and more to do with the relevancy of time. You see, in another three to four hours it’s already Saturday, the 14th in much of the world. In places like the +12 zones of Fakaofo, Apia, Nukualofa and the Chatham Islands. So if a power grid goes down, later today than earlier, it will be in he Western and Northern Hemispheres.

But what if it did or what if it does? Are you prepared?

What would you do if suddenly, all power perished like the blown-out flame of a flickering candle? You couldn’t cook inside. You couldn’t quench your Internet addiction. You couldn’t read your favorite novel at night. The electronic locks on hotel doors and millions of doors across America would immediately fail. What would you do? Could you survive?

If all power were lost lives would begin perishing at the moment of solar intrusion. Electrical apparatus would fail miserably. Hospitals may rely on backup generators but then they would run out of fuel and die out, too. Fuel would be unavailable because gasoline pumps are run by electricity. People would begin dying within the hour. There would be no cold storage to keep and preserve their bodies. Oh, you haven’t even begun to imagine what if.

I’ll leave you with your thoughts of imagination.

Your mind is only as sane as the world you live in. There is no Twilight Zone, just the Dead Zone. Armageddon came with the blink of the eye and hoofbeats of the four Great horses were thunderously loud. Global warming didn’t matter anymore. Superstitious or Trick or Treat. The hour has come, in America it’s Friday the 13th. Hurry up and get your blog post out while you have time. Now is now. Gone is gone. Get your cellphone ready for an all-time viral selfie with the solar flash of doom.

In a few hours, due East, or a long haul West people in another time zone won’t have to live… or die in the Dead Zone of the next 24 hours. Their hour has passed, unless of course they live in the outer limits of the earth’s time shadow in regions like +13, +14 and -11 and -10, there, at least for the next 3-4 hours (depending on how swiftly I can publish this) it’s only Thursday. In places like Adak, Baker Island, Alofi, Rarotonga, Papeete, Honolulu or even Anchorage, Fairbanks and all of Alaska in the U.S.A.

Y2K all over again. When a former boss asked me why I moved to Las Vegas I had told him because of Y2K. I’d watch the New Year’s celebration in Times Square, NYC like I always had, from TV. If the power all went out like it was predicted to, I’d have three hours to decide what to do. Three hours in End Time is like three centuries. If the East Coast went dark, the West Coast was doomed, too. Then I asked him, “Where will midnight strike first, in Russia or in the United States? And which intercontinental ballistic missile system will be disabled first and which will function perfectly well?” Y2K never happened. But what if….

Will the nightmare of all nightmares come screaming at your door, or will the scream come from within? Or will today pass like any other day, nothing out of the ordinary other than the daily bad news, but then, isn’t that ordinary?

Happy Friday, or Thursday… or Saturday, wherever you live in the world. Be safe. Be smart. Be prepared, just in case. Think. Rethink. And think again. That’s what survival is all about–planning your destination no matter what your environment; man, nature or spiritual, has in store for you.

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Is the Most Catastrophic Terror Attack in History About to Occur?


Boeing 777-200 (N7771) from Wikipedia Boeing 777

LAS VEGAS (Vegas Valley)–Two missing things may reappear with disastrous results: Flight MH370 and large amounts of stolen and missing radioactive material. No one has a clue where either are. I just gave you a clue where they possibly could be. I hope I am wrong and I pray the world never realizes the ultimate possibilities that are out there in the darkness of terrorism. But in today’s world I’m probably more right than wrong, unfortunately.

When flight MH370 went missing I had announced that I refused to speculate what happened to the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER passenger jet out of respect for the families who are yet experiencing traumatic suffering. For them there has been no repose. When Flight MH370 went dark from the midnight skies over the Indian Ocean, taking 239 passengers and crew members, the lives of their family and loved ones went dark too. However, during the past two weeks I listened to countless and endless news media coverage of the tragic event and can only shake my head in disgust with the American and the world news media.

The last time I expressed such shock was when I sat in my late stepfather’s home watching the evening news about the downed F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter by Serbian forces using a Soviet-made SA-3 Goa surface-to-air missile (SAM) on 27 March in the 1999 Serbia-Kosovo War. The news media reported the pilot was sending a distress signal that would help the efforts of NATO’s search and rescue mission recover the pilot. My stepfather and I looked at one another in shock and outrage that news media did in fact reveal the precise location of the shot-down pilot, telling the world where the signal was coming from. My stepfather, a 26-year front line combat veteran understood what happens when the enemy recovered American airmen and soldiers before the U.S. military (or NATO) did.

During the last two weeks every news channel under the sun has had a spectacle show about the vanishing of Flight MH370. 24 hours a day so-called experts sit and tell their fantasy wish what they believe happened to the aircraft that mysteriously disappeared. In one news segment reports claim the plane went 1500 miles East and another report it was said MH370 went the same distance West and then it went North and then it went South all on five hours of remaining fuel. The truth of the matter is, nobody knows where MH370 went and for two weeks nothing but hen-house gossip has filled the airwaves of every major newsroom.

The drama continues to unfold as one so-called (nutcase) expert after another reveals vivid detail of the aircraft’s functionality and its equipment along with radar and cell phone capabilities and disadvantages, the weaknesses and strength of various nation’s defense, radar, tracking and communications systems.

There’s a new player at the table, his name is Terrorism.
Missing Radioactive Material: 140 Cases Reported in 2013

Mexico: Stolen Cobalt-60 Radioactive Material Found, BUT…
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All but Lucifer has been accused of criminal and terrorist plots on MH370 from Pakistan to Taliban to the pilot and co-pilot to Iranians, North Koreans, Indians and all kinds of real possibilities, but all pure speculation.
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